Our Cars



Designed at the University of Iowa, our vehicles are a showcase of the talent, knowledge and experience of the members who built them.  


Car 104

2016-2017 National Competition Vehicle

Car 104, our newest vehicle, is our platform where we combine all  refined and optimized designs from previous Iowa Baja cars. It competed in the 2017 Baja SAE College Design Series Races in Peoria, IL

Car 78

2015 National Competition Vehicle

Car 78 is used to optimize our Transmission and Constant Velocity Joint designs together to achieve maximum acceleration along both flat land and hills of variable terrain. After testing, these designs are then applied to our National Competition Vehicle.

Car 48

Car 48

2013-2014 National Competition Vehicle 

Car 48 is used to test various suspension designs and how they cope with sudden changes in direction and terrain. Data from Car 48 is then used to configure an optimal suspension setup for our National Competition Vehicle.